Hao Yi Ong

Hello! I am a recent graduate from Stanford, where I immersed myself in a wide variety of projects ranging from self-driving cars and robotics to mathematical optimization and machine learning.

The growing list of projects includes developing software that automates the job of air traffic controllers for unmanned aircraft with NASA Ames (see article) and designing algorithms for self-driving cars at the Volkswagen Automotive Innovation Lab. As with all of my forays into new territories where I have little technical experience, I would first be a little vexed but then quickly be consumed by it.

A (somewhat less serious but) personal favorite is an application of principal component analysis and support vector machines to data from a popular MMORPG game for a machine learning class I took a while ago. It ended up doing really well in predicting win/loss outcomes based on team matchup, with potential applications in online matchmaking. Another fun project involved training a deep learning agent how to play Snake using a distributed computing framework called Apache Spark. For a list of my favorites, see my projects here.

My master's degree focused on optimization, controls, and machine learning, and I am interested in researching and building software that takes advantage of the incredible amount of data we have around us. I'm looking for an opportunity to join an inventive and enthusiastic team working to positively impact society.

Email me here and I'll get back to you quickly.